I begin my year abroad in just over a week. It has come around so quickly and I don’t quite feel ready. I am still living in Durham (where I’m at university) and only move back home two days before I fly off to France. It’s all going to be very rushed and probably a bit stressful. Packing? I haven’t even started..

I think I have most things I need though, on a recent trip to Edinburgh I did a primark and h&m spree for summer clothes. I got lots of swimwear and sunglasses (I am so ready for some sunshine) as well as loose fitting trousers that I might wear on the plane journey. I found out today that my uniform will be ‘pantalon ou jupe noire et chemise blanche‘ – so I better get shopping for those this week!

I’m still filling in the endless paperwork provided by my university. I know I need to get used to the bureaucracy for when I move to spain in October; setting up bank accounts and finding accommodation is going to mean plenty more forms (sigh). Lets hope it will all be worth it!

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