Monday Musings #1

It can get quite lonely living in a hotel room, so I have taken to watching TV in the mornings whilst I get ready for the day ahead. There’s an impressive array of 26 channels, purely French, and it’s definitely an entertaining way to learn the language. My personal favourite is Cherie 25, which features all sorts of girly programs that are right up my street. However, it turns out the French are rather lazy when it comes to creativity of the televisual kind. Aside from the news channels it’s mainly American and English programmes dubbed into French. There are dubbed episodes of Ugly Betty (Hilda is so much sassier en Français) and endless re-runs of The Real Housewives (the fact that people have made the effort to dub such a low quality show is both baffling and brilliant). British programmes have also been subjected to the voice over treatment: The Hotel Inspector and Wife Swap (or Ma Nouvelle Famille as they call it here) add to the apparent obsession with reality TV. After much research, I have discovered an original French programme that I love. Le plus beau jour de ma vie follows couples as they plan their weddings. It’s a bit like Don’t Tell the Bride, minus the incompetent groom.

I think it’s fair to say that I’m loving being able to watch trashy telly for educational purposes, I am being sociable too though, I promise. In fact, tonight is France’s latest world cup match, so I will be watching that in reception with the rest of the guests and staff. Allez les bleus!

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