Are you Russian?

So apparently I don’t look English. I suppose that could be considered a compliment, looking a bit exotic is always exciting, but I never thought I looked particularly Russian, or even Bulgarian as some guests have told me.

Yesterday I was even accosted (in a jokey manner) by a guest who started punching his fist whilst declaring that France would beat me to a pulp in the next world cup match. He thought I was German. I responded innocently with “Mais je suis anglaise!” and then we joked about England’s shameful exit and how we both wanted France to beat Germany. He later explained that it was because of my accent (when speaking French) that he’d thought I was une allemande. I don’t know if Germans are good at French but at least I don’t sound painfully English I suppose. You would think all this confusion might be avoided by the Union Jack clearly positioned on my name badge, but obviously not! I guess it is early in the season and the guests are mostly of the older generation so their eyesight isn’t the sharpest.

I don’t really know what to make of all the identity confusion, but I think I’ll take it as a sign that my tan is coming along nicely. The fact that I am able to have conversations more confidently is definitely a positive too. In other news: I have just been recruited by one of the animatrices, who runs the ever-popular evening entertainment, to take part in the ‘Mercredi spectacle’. It seems that the staff perform for the guests in a weekly show and she had been told that I was a dancer. I do remember whipping out the trusty “je faisais de la dance” phrase in a previous conversation and the information has clearly been passed on… I will keep you posted on how that one pans out!

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