I have been here over a week now and I definitely have a little routine going on. My days are mostly the same, due to my work schedule, but I don’t mind the regularity too much.
I wake up at 7 in order to have breakfast at 7.30. That may seem early but I made the mistake of going later one day and there were no scrambled eggs. Disaster. Breakfast is always my favourite meal and I have definitely learned from this mistake. Get there first and get first picks of everything. It’s also nice to be awake early in the morning (especially as it is so sunny) and have a bit of the day to myself before I start my first shift.
I work between 10am and 2.30 pm clearing away breakfast, setting up lunch, eating lunch, clearing away lunch and setting up dinner. It’s incredibly repetitive but highlights include interacting with guests and eating. I then I go to the pool for a well-earned break. I switch between tanning and swimming for about an hour until I’ve had too much sun and head inside. I might go for a run through the village, or maybe have a bit of laptop time, before taking a shower and then getting ready for my evening shift.
In the evening I work 6 until 10pm, eating dinner, setting up, serving dinner, clearing away and setting up breakfast. I usually try and smuggle some fruit in my bag for snacks to last me the following day. After 10pm I am always shattered. I go back to the villa, chat with my roommates (speaking French when tired is particularly tricky) and then go to sleep – ready to do it all again in the morning.
There will always be some variation though; there are different guests coming and going, I notice my French abilities improving, and each day, whilst clearing up, I spill a new type of sauce on my white blouse. However, despite the predictability of life here, being able to count on blue skies, sunshine and beautiful views is definitely not such a bad thing.

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