Monday musings #2

Having spent the last two years living in Durham I have seen my fair share of water (mainly in the form of rain), but it is so nice being near the ocean. Especially when it’s the cote d’azur which is named specifically for its blueness. The hotel I work and live in is at the top of a hill overlooking the town below, so while this ensures brilliant views it sadly means that I am not within walking distance of the sea. However, due to my family’s visit with the car, and Friday’s late-night excursion with the rest of the staff, I am starting to get my fix of the the region’s fantastic beaches.

So far I have visited les plages of Frejus, Les Issambres, St Aygulf as well as the slightly further afield but infinitely more famous – Cannes. They have all varied in terms of pebbles, sand, size, population and cost (you have to pay to sit on the beach in Cannes!) but all share the same iridescent water.

It’s impossible not to get the holiday feeling when you’re at the beach; so living in a location with so many to choose from makes the endless hours of waitressing much more bearable. I am going to try to visit plenty more whilst I am here, even if it means risking a few journeys with the scarily infrequent bus service, because I’ve been deprived of sea views for far too long. IMG_6117

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