Flying solo


My favourite blog World of Wanderlust, is written by Brooke Saward who documents her journey travelling the world alone. As amazing as her adventures look, I have often wondered whether travelling alone could ever be as fulfilling as a shared adventure.

My first trips without parents or school were Costa Rica in 2012 and the Greek Islands in 2013. Both were spent with my friend Helena. Helena has got to be the ultimate travel companion; we get hungry at similar times, we like to photograph the same things and we both make compromises to keep each other happy. Helena and I have been through a lot. Together we’ve survived Costa Rican bus journeys without air-con, endured an 11 hour flight with an old lady’s foot nestled between us*, and, after choosing to spend our remaining Euros on food rather than accommodation, we’ve spent a sleepless night on the floor of a Greek ferry terminal. Basically, travelling to France alone was a bit of a new concept to me.

So far though, awkward selfies aside, it has been a positive experience. I like the feeling of self-sufficiency when I go on day trips with my rucksack. It’s also satisfying to successfully negotiate public transport when there’s no one else to rely on. Being alone has also been therapeutic for life in general; instead of talking I’ve had a lot of time to think, to read, and to write a diary.

Having said all that, I do feel lonely at times. When things go wrong there is no one to laugh with and I definitely miss the company. It would also be handy to have someone to put sun cream on my back and watch my valuables when I go in the sea. So Helena, if you’re reading this, Morocco in 2015?

*Never fly with Iberia

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