Monday musings #3

There are many differences between here and England. You’ve got the obvious ones like the language, the currency and the weather. Then there are the kissing-on-cheeks greetings, the abundance of vineyards and the mere existence of topless sunbathers. But the best difference, which is probably unique to the south of France, is the quality, size and availability of fruit. Now it may not sound worthy of a blog post but I promise you- the fruit here is incredible. There are markets for des fruits et des legumes everywhere. On the side of the road, at the beach, in town squares, next to the lake – it’s impossible to drive for more than a couple of minutes without being faced with a fruit-buying opportunity. In St Raphael I discovered a permanent indoor market with a huge selection of fruit and veg. When I visited it was crammed full of American school children and judging by comments such as “man those cherries are awesome” they appreciated the selection just as much as I did. Who knew that freshly picked cucumbers taste completely different to the Tesco ones at home? The watermelon here is the juiciest I’ve ever tasted and the peaches are literally the size of my face. My parents needn’t worry about me getting my five a day because, as you can see from the pictures, it’s all just too pretty to resist. befunky_artwork.jpg



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