Fréjus in pictures

Another day off and another day exploring. This time I took the bus to Fréjus; a place I’d been to previously for an evening meal. It was great to see the town in the morning this time, it happened to be market day so there was a lively atmosphere and lots to see. Fréjus has Roman and Medieval heritage so there’s an aqueduct, an amphitheatre and an archaeology museum all within a few minutes walk of each other. What I liked most however were the art galleries tucked away in the quieter streets; I discovered colourfully painted bollards, knitted lamp-post warmers as well as tiny book shops and market stalls – I will definitely be returning!10567517_10202998903627655_1999043105_n

10567517_10202998903707657_2068639417_n 10572800_10202998903747658_733682478_n 10471249_10202998907667756_6964577716773911921_n-1 10501610_10202998907867761_4390589114247715950_n 10563339_10202998903667656_1517663359_n  10568760_10202998903547653_577142608_n


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