Dramatic injury

Falling over is always embarrassing and often painful. Falling over today whilst carrying plates and glasses was definitely embarrassing. As for landing heavily on my tailbone? Lets just say painful is something of an understatement.

It had been a clumsy morning; I’d already dropped a bottle of wine but luckily that incident took place in the privacy of the store cupboard. My traumatic fall unfortunately occurred during the lunchtime rush. I was power walking, laden with plates like the efficient waitress I thought I was, when I slipped on the wet floor. It was one of those comedy legs-in-air-bum-to-floor type falls except it involved a lot of smashed glass and no one was laughing (I hope). I was strewn on my back surrounded by debris and after an initial moment of shock I began to cry. I was immediately helped up by my colleagues and assessed for damage; everyone was really kind but it was all too overwhelming.

I don’t like my personal space being invaded at the best of times so the whole situation quickly became uncomfortable. Before I knew it I had a well-intentioned hotel guest stroking my hair, a chef holding an ice pack to my derriere and a fellow waitress lifting up my clothes checking for imbedded glass. It was unfortunate that I’d injured my coccyx because all attention was focused on my lower back/bottom area, which made me feel all the more awkward. In these kinds of scenarios everyone wants to help and as much as I appreciated that, all I wanted was some fresh air and a lie down. Eventually Mathilde took me back to my room and set me up with an ice pack, my bed and a nice glass of water.

Alarmingly, I later received a bedside visit from terrifying head chef. I think he felt guilty for the un-safe work conditions and assured me that they could get a doctor if needed and that I must only return to work when I felt able to do so. He even gave me his private mobile number (oh-er) in case I needed anything.

Even at 20 years of age I still want the comforts of home and family when I’m ill or injured. Fortunately, I seem to have timed the incident well because my parents are coming to visit tomorrow so I’ll be well looked after.

It looks like I wont be able to sit down without severe pain for a while  but lets try and find some positives:

  1. I put some previously un-used French vocabulary into practice describing pain levels and body parts
  2. The terrifying head chef is now scared I might sue him
  3. I get to catch up on some sleep.

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