Château de La Napoule

This week I visited Château de La Napoule, a medieval castle just along the coast from Cannes. The ancient fortress is over 2000 years old and was restored during the 1950s by an American couple – Marie and Henry Clews. In memory of her husband, Marie founded La Napoule Art Foundation in the château. It was her dream to create an international centre for the arts in order to celebrate her and her husband’s shared passion. Today the gardens are filled with sculptures and the château itself is an artist’s retreat, gallery and museum.

As you’ll see from the pictures the gardens are full of hidden archways and ornate windows, all of which lead up to a big courtyard in the middle. The whole place is full of tall trees which provide plenty of shade – it’s a nice little refuge from the scorching midday sun.

As well beautiful gardens, there is an impressive salon du thé. They serve teas, crêpes and rather fancy sorbets that can be enjoyed on an outdoor terrace overlooking the sparkling waters and beaches below. Amazing.10589558_10203057994904900_594692529_n 10544919_10203057994744896_1055538710_n 10492389_10203058007465214_6169304620743511644_n 10592855_10203058005385162_5085474932472936274_n 10566409_10203057994864899_229281609_n 10423670_10203058004985152_4017113753439320920_n 10533252_10203058007785222_6926718174152069351_n 10592567_10203057994704895_382423601_n 10578041_10203057994784897_2056968687_n

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