Marché Nocturne

Last night I ventured down the road to the local village, Roquebrune, for the evening market. I love a good market, any country, any time of year. Its always exciting browsing for unique items, tasting food samples and discovering bargains. There’s something special about markets on a warm summers evening too (no sign of hurricane Bertha here). Markets are very common in the Provence region, each town has an evening market and a day market at least once a week. Last night it was the Marché Artisanal – a selection of handmade items from local vendors. There were stalls selling jewellery, soaps, honey, olive oil, lavender bags, pastries and nougat. I’m a sucker for jewellery so I made a small purchase; a nice souvenir to remember my summer. The atmosphere consisted of a live band playing, little children running and stray cats roaming – it was typically French and just about perfect. image image image image

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