Monday musings #7

There’s a guest this week who consistently dines in nothing but a T-shirt and speedos. Now I understand that we are in the south of France, it’s hot, he’s on holiday, there’s a pool. But really, speedos in a restaurant? He’s obviously a free-spirited kind of guy, he has long dreadlocks and is often barefoot. I do admire speedo-man’s attitude, it’s great he wants to show off those long limbs, it’s just that his tiny shorts leave nothing to the imagination. On reflection, The French are certainly more body confident than the British. As I’ve mentioned before, beach nudity is common, if not encouraged. I respect the care-free attitude and to be fair there is no strict dress code to the restaurant. However, the other guests tend to dress up a bit for dinner, at least in more than just swimwear. The ladies whip out their holiday-chic maxi dresses, there are gold sandals a-plenty and many males opt for tan-enhancing white shirts. Monsieur in his speedos on the other hand, looks a little out of place…

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