My last day

befunky_artwork.jpgI think I read it in a quote somewhere, or maybe it’s just a well-known fact that it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s the people you do it with that makes all the difference. Or something like that. Anyway it’s certainly true that working with my new friends Hellia, Stoyan and Clara has made a huge difference to my experience here in France. Last night, to celebrate my final shift, we sat on the terrace together with leftover desserts and chatted until the early hours. My colleagues have helped me with demanding guests, picked up after the cutlery I’ve dropped and supplied me with vocabulary during times of need. It’s been a reciprocal relationship; in return I have recommended British music, offered them a place to stay in England and provided amusement during my moments of misfortune. It’s been so much fun to work together and I will miss them a lot. With the help of social media we should be able to keep in touch. Unusually Clara doesn’t have Facebook, but there’s always email or good old fashioned letter-writing. They are all keen to visit London one day and I am definitely happy to be a tour guide.

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