Polaroid Pictures

IMG_6847 IMG_6846

For my 20th birthday I got a beautiful, blue polaroid camera. It’s not the traditional polaroid camera from back in the day, it’s the instax mini 8, which works just like the old ones but produces smaller, rectangular photos. The camera itself comes in different colours and is mini and cute as the name would suggest.

Choose your subject, frame the photo, press a button and voila! you can watch your image emerge then develop before your eyes. Living in the era of Instagram and Facebook it’s rare that I print photos so having these physical momentos is quite a novelty! The brilliance of the instax mini comes at a price though; the film is pretty expensive to buy and with this in mind, I tend to use it sparingly. I have taken just six snaps so far, mainly of friends and family – so I can carry them with me on my travels and have reminders of home.

My little camera will definitely be accompanying me to Spain to capture more of my experiences, speaking of which, I fly to Seville a week today – ahhh!!!Untitled

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