IMG_7138Yesterday, my lovely flat-mate Emmy and I caught the 7.30am bus to Mérida! Mérida is about an hour’s drive from Zafra and it’s a UNESCO world heritage site so it’s FULL of Roman monuments. The town is actually is twinned with the Rome and you can definitely see why; scattered throughout the town are the remains of a Roman Ampitheatre, a fortification (the Alcazaba), the Forum and the Puente Romano – the longest of all existing Roman bridges.

The ancient monuments coexist with a bustling high street, a modern square (the Plaza de España) and the normal variety of Tapas bars, restaurants and cafés. It’s a much bigger town than Zafra, with quite a few more shops, so it’s good to know that all this is just a bus-ride away. Unlike Britain, the buses here are reliable and on time (it’s the trains that are a bit dodgy) so I plan to make many more bus trips throughout the year; I want to visit Seville, Lisbon, Madrid and even Barcelona (if I can handle a reaaallly long journey).


We left our apartment at 6.50 am in order to catch our bus on time, leaving so early meant that it was quite chilly so I dressed accordingly in tight black skinny jeans. This turned out the be a huge mistake and by midday I was sweating in all the wrong places… I should be used to the Spanish weather by now but fear of being cold was my priority when making wardrobe decisions at 6am.


I am excited to visit more towns in Extremadura. In fact, this week we are all off to Cáceres for an overnight stay to attend training days in preparation for the teaching assistantship. It’s meant to be really beautiful there so keep an eye out for another post full of sunny pictures (I hope!).


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