A Long weekend in Lagos

Last weekend I had four whole days to play with. I always have Fridays off and Monday was another national holiday so I thought I’d make the most of the long weekend and go on a little expedition. With so many places to see in Spain my flatmates and I struggled to come to a decision; in the end we decided to profit from the extra day and head a bit further afield to Portugal, Lagos to be exact.portugal1.jpgFrom Seville it was a three hour bus-ride and we went with a company called Discover Excursions so it was all organised for us. We had two nights in a lovely beachside hotel called Hotel Carvi. Given the last-minute booking and the affordable price we had quite low expectations for the hotel, however we were pleasantly surprised. The rooms were spacious and the most important factor – the buffet breakfast – was close to perfection. Yum.

portugal4.jpgOur days were spent exploring caves, doing cliff walks, sunbathing, swimming (in October?!) and discovering the gorgeous town of Lagos. We also managed to squeeze in a Kayaking trip along the coast.


Lagos is beautiful but absolutely FULL of English people. This came as quite a shock after living in Zafra – a town where speaking English causes locals to stop in the street and observe your conversation in disbelief. However, the abundance of English tourists meant that there were plenty of English-friendly restaurants, so we took advantage of this and went for an Indian! Normally I’d opt for authentic regional dishes but living in rural Spain means that I’ll be deprived of anything other than tapas for the foreseeable future, so we thought we’d make the most of some home comforts. And everyone loves a curry.portugal3.jpg

Despite not actually trying Portuguese food, my first taste of Portugal as a country was very good indeed. The coastline was stunning, the people were friendly and the weather was beautiful. Next on my list is Lisbon!Untitled


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