Country life

1011064_10152378802552322_5864251341212365859_n-1When I think about the future I picture myself living in a city. I love London, I love New York, I love Florence, Paris, Venice and Sydney. Oh and Copenhagen is is completely amazing. There’s something about being in a city that makes me excited. I like the anonymity, I like getting lost in a maze of buildings and I like the freedom of experimenting with food, fashion and culture.

I thought that spending nine months in a rural part of Spain would be really challenging. To be completely honest I dreaded coming here; on the drive from Seville to Zafra I stared despairingly out the window at the miles of deserted landscape and wondered why on earth I was putting myself through nine months of misery. Dramatic I know…

Since being here however, I have surprised myself at just how much I enjoy all this country air. The landscape is much greener than I anticipated, there’s mountains behind the town and it’s all quite beautiful. I’ve been going for runs through fields, I’ve done hikes to watch the sunset and everyday I get to admire views of the Spanish hills from my bedroom window. Last week my flatmates and I were even able to eat figs from the trees before spending an evening cracking freshly-picked almonds with our bare hands (and some pretty heavy rocks).

I’m not saying that I want to live here forever, but for now it’s definitely good. I also know that when I see the crowds in London this Christmas it’s going to be all the more exciting.Untitled


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