The Portuguese Palace


The second stop on our Sintra trip was to the Parque e Palacio da Pena. Yes you’re Portuguese is fantastic – that’s the Park and Palace of Pena.


To reach the palace we had to get to the top of a very steep hill. This would have been about an hour’s walk, which wasn’t too appealing on a chilly afternoon so we considered other modes of transport. There was a bus, but at 5 euros it seemed a bit pricey. We then discovered that there were TukTuks travelling up for the very same price and, well, it was an easy decision – it’s not every day that you can hop in a TukTuk…

Riding in a six-seater TukTuk up a steep, cobbled hill on a windy sunday afternoon was my highlight of 2015 so far. It was terrifying, hilarious fun and the fact that our driver insisted on turning around and chatting rather than watching the road only added to the adrenaline-fuled excitement.

Pena sits on the top of a hill and is a considered one of the greatest expressions of 19th century Romanticism. Built by King Ferdinand II, the palace is colourful, ornate and an intentional mixture architectural styles. Basically it looks like a disney castle, it’s stunning.



So, a TukTuk ride up, exploration of a magical castle, TukTuk ride down. It was an unforgettable day spent with lovely people and I couldn’t have been happier. Thanks to my lovely friend Helena for traveling with me (and for some of the photos!), you’re the best. You can read more about our adventures exploring Lisbon here, or Sintra part one hereUntitled

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