2014 in pictures

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Picture 2Thank you for reading my blog this year, here’s to more adventures in 2015!



Change of plan

I finally received some information about the next part of my year abroad – Spain! I will be teaching English in a secondary school in the town of Zafra, Extremadura. It’s a reasonably small town but its close to Seville and Portugal, which is exciting. The great thing is that my working days are Monday to Thursday; a four-day week equals long weekends for travelling!

The training days look like they’ll be in mid September (the Spanish Government is typically slow and disorganised when it comes to communicating useful information), so I’m going to leave France early. I was meant to leave here on the 10th of September, but the turn around would be far too rushed, (I need to find accommodation in Spain, sort out my Erasmus grant, get a new phone contract and all that fun stuff) so I am returning to England on the 21st of August instead.

I decided that I really needed a decent amount of time at home, not only for the practicalities of preparing to move to a new country, but also for my own happiness. I want to spend a few weeks with my family and friends before part two of the year abroad begins. I’ve spent just two nights in my own bed since Easter and that just isn’t enough!

So that leaves me with just over two weeks here in France. I will do my best to make the most of the sunshine, pool and French speaking opportunities while I still can…

Official blogger

I applied for a position as a ‘Study Abroad Blogger’ for my university and I got it! This means continuing to update my blog regularly throughout the year, the main difference is that I am now representing Durham University. A link to the blog will also be accessible to students and may be featured on the website or used for promotional purposes. It all feels quite official and I’m excited at the prospect of other students being inspired by my experiences. An added bonus is that I receive an iPad mini! It will be so much easier to write on the go and take pictures so I am really pleased. I intended to blog for the whole year but this new title gives me added motivation and encouragement.